M&A Source Express: Getting Started
What is M&A Source Express?
M&A Source Express is an curated portal into the world of financial news and research. The portal provides access to PE breaking news and blogs, M&A news and research, and business videos from Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Economist, and more. Your customizable member account gives you access to additional tools, including a full-featured finance center, a daily headline news email digest, and the ability to add your own links and news. You can access from anywhere, including your mobile device.
M&A Source Express access is included free with your M&A Source membership.
Accessing M&A Source Express

How to get to M&A Source Express:
Access M&A Source Express through the Member Benefits page on MAsource.org. Or, go directly to www.masourceexpress.com

How to Login to your personal account:
Create your own personal M&A Source Express account using your M&A Source login (your email address and M&A Source password), and continue to use that information to login. (Having trouble logging in?  Please contact admin@masource.org to confirm your M&A Source member status and login credentials.)

Why you should use a personal account:
Once you are logged in, you’ll have access to additional tools and customization options, as outlined below.

Access anywhere:
You can login to your M&A Source Express account on any computer, or mobile device.

Not an M&A Source member?
To join M&A Source, or to learn more, please contact admin@masource.org. (You can access the public M&A Source Express page without an M&A Source membership.)

Top 5 features of M&A Source Express (and how to use them)

1. M&A and PE news: Use the tabs for PE News, M&A News and PE blogs for constantly updating news feeds from a variety of sources, including PE Hub, BusinessWeek, The Middle Market, WSJ, and more.
2. News center and daily news digest: Visit the Headline News tab for today's top headlines in business, international news, sports and more. Add your own news feeds, customize your homepage news tickers, and find top stories by trending tags. You can even sign up to receive a daily email with the top headlines from your chosen news topics. (Click "Subscribe to Email News Digest" to get started.)
3. Customizable finance center, including industry news: Please note: an updated finance center is coming soon. Our full-featured finance center includes information for Futures, Markets, Funds and more, as well as your own personal portfolio. You can also customize the homepage stock ticker with the stocks you need to follow. But perhaps the best part of the finance center is the section of industry-specific news, for agriculture, energy, retail sales, transportation, banking and more. Just click the Finance Center tab.
4. Quick access to important resources: Be sure to check all the tabs on your M&A Source Express homepage for even more news, links, videos and widgets. For instance, click the M&A Research tab to find two sub-tabs under it. The first is a collection of M&A Research links including government agencies, economic research, funding sites, and more. Then choose the CXO Intel sub-tab for more great links and news feeds, as well as widgets for US Census Quick Facts, Socioeconomic data, a flight status tracker, and so much more.
5. Add your own links and news: Make M&A Source Express even more valuable by using the My Links tab to add your own personal links, for services you subscribe to, topics you're interested in, tools to organize your personal life...whatever you need to make your life easier, all in one place. You can also choose even more news feeds from our library, and add widgets, from To-Lists to finance tools to the World Fact Book.

Other features include:
  • Search: Visit the Search Center tab for dozens of searches all in one place. Search FirstGov, Annual Reports, Amazon, Google, movie reviews, package tracking, area code lookup and more.
  • Business videos: Under the More News tab you'll find Youtube video channels from Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Economist, and more
  • M&A Source quick links: Throughout M&A Source Express you'll find links to give you direct access to M&A Source tools, like the Member Directory and The Bridge.
  • Acccess anywhere: You can access your M&A Source Express account on any computer, and on any mobile device. Just go to www.masourceexpress and login with your email address and M&A Source password.
  • And more: Additional content on M&A Source Express includes PE blogs, travel resources, office tools, and and "breaktime" section with sports and leisure links.

Make M&A Source Express your homepage:
For instant access to M&A Source Express, make it your browser homepage.

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